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Pantum P2200 Laser Printer (Grey)
Single function laser printer. Fast and high resolution printing up to 20 ppm (A4) / 21 ppm (Letter) in black and white. Support multiple media sizes, and media weight up to 163g/m²
Sleek design and compact size fit nicely on any workspace. Metal frame structure built for long time use.Maximum monthly duty cycle at 15,000 pages
Convenient one step installation. Hi-Speed USB 2.0 connection
Come with a 700-page starter cartridge (at 5% coverage based on ISO 19752 standard).Compactible with cost-effective cartridge PC-210KEV/PC-211KEV(1600 Pages, CPP lower than Rs.1.0)

1-year standard warranty from the date of purchase
For any product related queries or service requests, contact_us on: [18004193160]

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